SimpleJournal is a simple program for Windows for drawing and writing with tablets, convertibles or with the mouse.
A journal can consist of several pages, where the pages are in A4 format and there are lined, checked and blank pages.
The current version of SimpleJournal can be downloaded here. What has changed, see here.
SimpleJournal is currently still in the BETA phase and some features are still missing! (See here)

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Graphical user interface



  • Write, draw, mark text
  • Move, reduce, edit or delete selected areas
  • Drawn areas can be converted to shapes (shape recognition)
  • Search for a specific text/convert the document as text
  • Insert text and images
  • You can simply draw straight lines (ruler)
  • Export a journal as a series of pictures or as a new journal


  • Implement unfinished Features
    • Search also within text objects
    • Implement different sizes for the highlighter
  • Save user settings: Zoom, pen size
  • Add page above first page/Move pages
  • Fill in/edit forms/objects
  • Convert handwritten text
  • Navigation in search
  • Prefabricated Coardinat System
  • Translate SimpleJournal into English