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Version (Store: 1.660.0.0) - 03/26/2024

  • Feedback in the About dialog structured more clearly!
  • Request when loading or creating a journal - whether the changes should be saved or discarded - revised!
  • Nuget packages updated!
  • Minor improvements!

Version (Store: 1.651.0.0) - 12/20/2023 (Maintenance update)

  • NEW: .NET 8 Upgrade!
  • FIX: Improved GUI!
  • FIX: Fixed a critical issue that prevented the application from starting
  • Nuget packages updated!
  • Minor improvements!

Version (Store: 1.640.0.0) - 11/01/2023 (Maintenance update)

  • NEW: Rating for SimpleJournal integrated (opens MS Store)!
  • NEW: When converting PDF documents into journals, they are now linked!
  • NEW: Navigation in linked journals possible (start/end of journal)!
  • FIX: PDF conversion mechanism revised (page range, error handling)
  • FIX: Navigation with page up/down buttons implemented!
  • Nuget packages updated!
  • Minor improvements!

Version (Store: 1.630.0.0) - 08/05/2023 (Maintenance update)

  • Integrity check for udpates integrated (SHA256 hash)
  • Update search optimized (file caching)
  • Upgrade to Fluent Ribbon 10.0.1!
  • ExportDialog revised
  • Nuget packages updated!
  • Minor improvements!

Version (Store: 1.620.0.0) - 05/14/2023 (Maintenance update)

  • Now using Fluent Ribbon 10!
  • FIX: Selected-Tab gray border (as before)!
  • FIX: File-Association for the Store App repaired (using SimpleJournal.exe (Alias) for .journal-files)
  • SimpleJournal.Common and SimpleJournal.SharedResources are now also .NET Core!
  • Updated nuget packages!
  • Smaller bugfixes!

Version (Store: 1.610.0.0) - 04/06/2023 (Maintenance update)

  • Setup wizard improved! (does not crash now)
  • Spelling correction!
  • Smaller bugfixes!

Version (Store: 1.600.0.0) - 03/12/2023

  • ExportDialog revised!
  • Performance of coordinate systems improved!
  • Nuget packages updated!

Version (Store: 1.590.0.0) - 11/13/2022

  • Update to .NET 7.0!
  • SimpleJournal now supports rounded corners! (under Windows 11)
  • Mouse-Hover over the version now shows the used dependencies!
  • Nuget packages updated! (among others Magick.NET)
  • Fixes for older operating systems! (Scrollbars etc.)

Version (Store: 1.580.0.0) - 09/02/2022 (Maintenance update)

  • NEW: Dialogues with tabs are displayed without fixed frame (setting)
  • NEW: When setting the paper patterns, the size in cm is now additionally displayed
    (Thanks to Daniel S. for the idea!)
  • FIX: Box size now works correctly (Thanks to Daniel S.)
  • FIX: Dialogues are now closed correctly with the Windows animation!
  • Internal structure changes (modules)
  • Minor bug fixes!

Version (Store: 1.570.0.0) - 08/27/2022

  • NEW: Paper patterns of the pages can now be edited!
  • NEW: Automatically insert pages in portrait format (setting)!
  • FIX: When creating a new document, the old document was not released!
  • FIX: Tab Flickering (MouseHover)!
  • Preview-Canvas for testing revised!
  • Settings dialog revised!
  • Nuget packages updated!
  • Minor bug fixes!

Version (Store: 1.560.0.0) - 07/24/2022 (Maintenance update)

  • Touch-Tab in the settings revised (Store version only). Thanks to Daniel S. for the feedback!
  • New, modern tab style implemented (similar to WinUI).
  • Bug-Fix: Page management dialogue always re-initialised itself in the backstage menu when clicking into the list.
  • Nuget packages updated!
  • Minor bug fixes!

Version (Store: 1.550.0.0) - 06/27/2022 (Maintenance update)

  • Page navigation now works without problems (Thanks to Daniel S. for the feedback)
  • FIX: Blank pages are now white again in dark mode!
  • FIX: Rotation of objects is now shown in the sidebar again!
  • FIX: No more negative rotation angles!
  • FIX: Number of corners of a polygon is now calculated correctly!
  • FIX: Selection tool is now always selected when sidebar is opened manually!
  • FIX: Shapes of the shape recognition are now also displayed correctly if the sidebar is already open!
  • Feedback improved: No spam allowed anymore!
  • Nuget packages updated!
  • Smaller bugfixes!

Version (Store: 1.540.0.0) - 06/11/2022

  • NEW: Notification system added (can be accessed via the bell at the top of the menu)
  • FIX: Selected colour for pens and highlighter is now also displayed correctly in the colorful-theme.
  • The .NET version can now be updated in the app!
  • Small bug fixes!

Version (Store: 1.530.0.0) - 04.06.2022 (Maintenance update)

  • FIX: ColorPicker unified!
  • PDF dialog revised!
  • Feedback can now be submitted in the menu bar!
  • Small bugfixes!

Version (Store: 1.520.0.0) - 05/21/2022

  • NEW: Navigating to previous/next page is now possible with 2 arrows in the menu! (Thanks to Daniel S. for the suggestion)
  • NEW: Zoom factor 80% integrated (for better overview for pages in landscape format)
  • NEW: MahApps.Metro ColorPalette implemented (more modern/better color selection)
  • Nuget packages updated!
  • Small bugfixes!

Version (Store: 1.510.0.0) - 05/10/2022 (Security, maintenance and feature update)

  • NEW: Now generally portrait and landscape pages are supported!
  • NEW: All page icons have been completely renewed!
  • Page management dialog completely reworked:
    • Page display now supplemented with icons!
    • Button order revised!
    • Pages can be rotated now!
    • Context menus for delete/empty page and portrait/landscape added!
    • Smaller zoom factors (20% and 50%) added for a better overview!
  • Insert pages in the menu and below the pages was also beautified! (slightly transparent buttons)
  • "Insert Pages" buttons now always open a context menu for "Portrait" or "Landscape"!
  • Nuget packages updated!
  • FIX: 3 potential security holes closed!
  • FIX: Pen size selection should now be displayed correctly again!

Version (Store: 1.509.0.0) - 04/27/2022 (Maintenance update)

  • Page management dialog now works correctly with PDF documents (landscape format)! (Thanks to Daniel S. for the bug report)
  • About/Feedback improved!
  • Smaller bugfixes!

Version (Store: 1.508.0.0) - 04/06/2022

  • SimpleJournal is now localised to Dutch!
  • Updated Magick.NET to version 11!
  • Bugfixes!

Version (Store: 1.507.0.0) - 03/25/2022

  • Images can now be displayed "stretched" or "filled"!
  • Help button now works correctly again!
  • Sidebar improved and prettified!
  • Settings dialog revised!
  • Bugfixes!

Version (Store: 1.506.0.0) - 03/13/2022 (Maintenance update)

  • In the normal version, updating has been simplified: the update is now automatically downloaded and installed at the touch of a button!
  • Internal structure improvements!
  • Bugfixes!

Version (Store: 1.505.0.0) - 02.03.2022 (Maintenance update)

  • When restoring a backup (in the normal version) SimpleJournal is now started correctly again!
  • When quitting and asking whether to save, the document is now saved correctly again! (Thanks to Daniel S. for the bug report)

Version (Store: 1.504.0.0) - 02/26/2022

  • Internal structure changes!
  • Images are now printed at the correct position and with the correct rotation! (Thanks to Daniel S. for the bug report)
  • "Add page" is now recognised as a document change!
  • Feedback improved!

Version (Store: 1.503.0.0) - 02/06/2022 (Maintenance Update)

  • Fix: Loading the PDF after converting now works!
  • Fix: When exiting, the prompt for saving now appears again!
  • Feature (Idea of Daniel S.): L Ruler compensation option (When drawing, it can happen that that the line is not perfectly straight with the ruler, this auto-correction compensates the missing distance)
  • Ruler mode is now also applied correctly when inserting a new page!
  • Setup wizard revised: Ruler can now also be set up here!
  • Fix: Freehand form and text recognition works again!

Version (Store: 1.502.0.0) - 02/04/2022

  • General support of PDF files (Read more):
    • PDF files are converted to a journal so that they can be used in SimpleJournal!
    • Landscape pages are also supported (only for PDF journals)!
    • There is a corresponding PDF conversion dialogue (including online conversion)!
  • The print function has been completely revised:
    • A warning is displayed when printing with Microsoft Print To PDF!
    • All pages are now written in a single print process (no longer n print processes for n pages)!
    • The print function now also supports portrait and landscape pages to be printed correctly in one print process!
  • The saving and loading of a journal has been revised, a journal now consists of a ZIP file, i.e. the documents are compressed (old documents are still supported, but are converted during loading). converted (backups of these documents are created, but the new documents are no longer compatible with the old versions!)
  • Loading dialogue for documents revised!
  • Saving documents and exporting PDFs now works asynchronously, i.e. you can continue to work in the meantime!
  • Status bar for saving, exporting and printing added! (with ProgressBar)
  • "Save as ..." now works correctly again!
  • BackupDialog revised!
  • Z-Index improved! (e.g. for coordinate systems)
  • Update to Fluent.Ribbon 9.0.3!
  • Many smaller bugfixes!

Version (Store: 1.491.0.0) - 12/31/2021

  • Update to Fluent.Ribbon 9.0.1 (Menu)!
  • Update to DotnetRuntimeBootstrapper 2.0.3!
  • Insert menu revised!
  • Paste text from clipboard is now also possible (paste image/text)!
  • Paste text: The text is now no longer white, but in the last selected pen color!
  • Paste text: default height - and width increased!
  • Object bar: Text now has a static icon, instead of unreadable text!

Version (Store: 1.490.0.0) - 12/23/2021

  • Update to Fluent.Ribbon 9.0.0 (menu)
  • DotnetRuntimeBootstrapper integrated (installation of all prerequisite components is now executed automatically on startup)
  • Page rendering improved!
  • Feedback handling improved!

Version (Store: 1.480.0.0) - 11/11/2021

  • File association can now also be restored in the Store version.
  • Coordinate system tool improved: Now there is also a coordinate system without negative Y-axis!
  • Bugfixes.

Version (Store: 1.470.0.0) - 10/12/2021

  • Fix: Changing the pen size several times caused the application to hang!
  • Export/Page management dialogue integrated into the new backstage menu!
  • Last opened documents now show the amount or "None"!
  • About dialog and settings revised!
  • Bugfixes.

Version (Store: 1.460.0.0) - 10/02/2021

  • NEW: Modern backstage menu added (old menu can be reactivated in the settings)
  • Recently opened documents now show the date when the document was last edited.
  • URLs adapted to the new homepage.
  • WebView2 instead of WebBrowser used for displaying the changelog (Edge).
  • Bugfixes.

Version (Store: 1.450.0.0) - 08/24/2021

  • Further integeration of the new paper pattern "Dotted":
    • Integration in the page management dialogue.
    • Integration at the end of the page.
    • Integration in the menu.
  • Dotted pattern adapted to chequeorange pattern (smaller spacing).
  • TDM is now only offeorange in the Store version.
  • Default font size is now correctly selected from the beginning.
  • General wording improved.
  • Bug fixes.

Version (Store: 1.440.1.0) - 07/20/2021

  • NEW: There is an option to disable the touchscreen only when SimpleJournal is in the foreground, as soon as it is no longer the active window, the touchscreen will be activated again
  • NEW: Paper pattern "dotted" is now available
  • Settings-Dialog revised: Settings are now displayed more clearly
  • Setup wizard revised
  • Touch Disabling improved
  • Highlighter icon revised
  • General wording improved
  • FIX: Highlighter size is now selected correctly

Version (Store: 1.432.0.0) - 06/04/2021

  • SimpleJournal is now based on .NET 5.0.6
  • FIX: Background (default gray) works again
  • FIX: Download URLs can be opened again
  • FIX: SJ is now only started in the middle if it is possible to do so
  • Touch buttons can now be switched off in the settings
  • Touch buttons are now only shown if a touch screen is available

Version (Store: 1.430.0.0) 04/29/2021

  • SimpleJournal is now opensource, the code can be found here
  • NEW: Button for touch on/off added
  • About-dialog revised (Theming)!
  • Export-dialog revised (clearer settings + preview)
  • FIX: When exporting, the images now also have a white background!
  • Project structure revised!
  • SimpleJournal now starts in the centre of the screen by default!

Version (Store: 1.420.0.0) - 12/28/2020

  • Menu update to Fluent.Ribbon 8.0.3
  • FIX: Page bar no longer disappears when scrolling
  • NEW: Natural scrolling implemented (can be enabled in settings)

Version (Store: 1.401.0.0) - 12/15/2020

  • For "Fixed" (shapes), Undo/orangeo now works
  • For "Solid" (Shapes) there are now new shapes: Triangles and Trapezoid
  • NEW: There is now a kooardinate system, they work analogous to shapes
    • There are 2 different variants: Only 2 axes or all 4 axes
  • FIX: Insert images works again!
  • FIX: When switching to another page, tools are now selected correctly again!
  • FIX: Update dialog is now displayed in the correct language and color!

Version (Store: 1.400.0.0) - 12/05/2020

  • Menu restructuorange
  • The changelog is now also adapted to the theme (dark mode)
  • NEW: There is now a tool that allows you to draw rectangles and circles more easily!

Version (Store: 1.390.0.0) - 12/01/2020

  • Menu Update to Fluent.Ribbon 8.0.2
  • Sidebar revised
  • NEW: There are now backgrounds that can be set in the settings!

Version (Store: 1.308.0.0) - 10/31/2020

  • Menu Update to Fluent.Ribbon 8.0.1
  • Paste image from clipboard is now integrated as QuickAccess button at the top of the menu
  • Settings dialog revised
  • There is a new setting that makes the window frame glow
    • Disabled by default, as this may degrade performance!
  • There is now an option to disable the touchscreen at startup (NOT IN THE STORE VERSION)
    • This can be useful if you work with a pen, for example!
  • Minor bug fixes (spelling mistakes, etc.)
  • With this update SimpleJournal finally leaves the BETA phase!

Version BETA3 (Store: 1.307.0.0) - 09/16/2020

  • Improvement when recognizing the current page (Fix)
  • QuickButton for adding an image integrated

Version BETA3 (Store: 1.306.0.0) - 09/12/2020

  • Improved recognition of the current page
  • Menu revised, there are now quick function buttons
  • Theming revised, in the settings you can now set an accent color and
  • this can also be displayed in the title bar

Version BETA3 (Store: 1.305.0.0) - 07/22/2020

  • An object is selected after insertion
  • Overlapping of several objects is now possible
  • Small bug fixes
  • Translation added

Version BETA3 (Store: 1.304.0.0) - 07/15/2020

  • Improved hint during insertion (Wording)!
  • Hint now also appears when inserting selected objects
  • Deleting selected objects now belongs as a change for saving

Version BETA3 (Store: 1.303.0.0) - 07/05/2020

  • SimpleJournal now has a Dark Mode!
  • Auswahlwerkzeug gefixt: Dort gibt es nun auch wieder Standard Farben
  • Selection tool fixed: There are now standard colors available again
  • When inserting objects there is now a hint that you have to click on any page any page at any position to place an object. But the message can be deactivated
  • Small GUI improvements
  • Wording revised

Version BETA3 (Store: 1.302.0.0) - 06/26/2020

  • For selected lines and shapes the size can now also be changed with the selection tool!
  • New option: Fit-To-Curve (edge smoothing of Bézier curves) can now be used!
  • Settings and setup dialog revised!
  • Backup dialog revised, the paths are now displayed completely!
  • About dialog revised: Release date is now displayed!
  • Minor bug and language improvements!

Version BETA3 (Store: 1.301.0.0) - 10/03/2019

  • In portrait mode SimpleJournal was bad to use because you couldn't scroll (improved)
  • Move, Undo and Repeat are now recognized as changes in the document.

Version BETA3 - 09/28/2019

  • AutoSave completely revised and improved!
  • AutoSave now works without problems for multiple instances of SimpleJournal.
  • AutoSave can now handle multiple backups
  • Backups can be restoorange to their original location
  • A journal can only be opened by one instance (i.e. a journal cannot be opened several times at the same time)

Version BETA2 - 09/22/2019

  • Bug-Fix: erasing is now also recognized as a change
  • Settings, About & Export dialog revised
  • NEW: AutoSave - Creates automatically every 5 minutes a backup. The time can be adjusted in the settings. and you can also disable AutoSave completely
  • Existing backups can be easily restoorange

Version BETA2 - 09/09/2019

  • Bug-Fix: Deleting objects works again!
  • Chequeorange and Lined Pages have been reworked fundamentally
  • A journal can now have different types of pages (lined, chequeorange)
  • Menu "Pages" reworked: More clearly arranged
  • Under each page you can now choose what type of page you would like to add
  • NEW: Under "Manage Pages" you can now move/delete/change the pages of the current document in a dialog

Version BETA2 - 05/19/2019

  • Recently saved documents are now saved at the top of the list of recently opened documents
  • TextMarker is now also consideorange when resetting pencils
  • Ruler improved: It is now also possible to draw dotted or dashed lines
  • Colors of strokes can be edited subsequently
  • Polygons can now be easily drawn with a new tool ( unlimited number of corners)
  • Smaller bug fixes

Version BETA2 - 04/22/2019

  • Improvement of user experience
  • Minor fixes

Version BETA2 - 04/13/2019

  • Improvement when enlarging images
  • Improved display of last opened documents
  • Recently opened documents can now be emptied
  • Improvement in shape recognition: Items that are not recognized are no longer deleted

Version BETA2 - 03/02/2019

  • Fixed bug with image moving
  • Fixed bug with image copying
  • Fixed help links
  • Fixed zoom (Thanks to Stefan E.)
  • Fixed undo/orangeo when moving objects
  • Replaced ribbon with Fluent Ribbon
  • Removed updater and replaced it with a new update dialog. You will be notified when there is a new update and you can download it directly, but you will have to install it yourself.

Version BETA2 - 01/29/2019

  • SimpleJournal is now available in English and German!
  • Fixed a search error
  • Fixed undo error
  • Revised export dialog
  • Minor bug and language improvements

Version BETA2 - 12/09/2018

  • Copy/paste of objects was improved
  • Problem with undo and ruler fixed
  • Problems with editing objects fixed: Objects don't disappear anymore
  • Problems with Sidebar improved: Sidebar now appears again (if it should)
  • Problems with the ruler improved: The ruler is now also applied to new pages
  • Design refinement: Icons, Back and Repeat buttons are now easier to achieve
  • Error in text analysis improved: Window closes again without error message
  • Focus at the input window is now on the TextBox, so that you can write it directly
  • Scrolling by touch/mouse at the side borders (by wiping up and down) implemented
  • Pasting of images, text, date now work analogous to pasting of copied objects from a document

Version BETA2 - 12/02/2018

  • Menu orangeesigned
  • Error when copying objects fixed

Version BETA2 - 12/02/2018

  • If you do not have an x64 operating system installed, do not install this update!
  • SimpleJournal has now finally switched to x64
  • Load dialog for loading larger files is now displayed
  • Copied elements will not be inserted on a new page anymore if you've pasted them and if you select the ruler on the next page
  • Copy & Paste improved: If you had selected the ruler and clicked the Paste button but didn't paste anything yet, then the elements from the clipboard were pasted
  • Inserted objects can now easily be deleted from the sidebar
  • Settings improved: When the settings dialog was closed, the highlighter was always selected
  • ENTF-Key for objects now works correctly, the objects now disappear from the sidebar
  • About dialog and setup assistant improved/extended
  • NEW: Objects (images, shapes and text) can now be edited in the sidebar

Version - 11/25/2018

  • Export dialog revised
  • Copy and paste of selected objects is now possible
  • SimpleJournal has been rebuilt to the x64 architecture to handle more data

Version - 11/21/2018

  • Settings revised again
  • Shape recognition improved
  • Fixed a bug when deleting with the X, objects now disappear from the sidebar
  • Error from last update fixed

Version - 11/18/2018

  • Settings revised
  • It can be configuorange that the object bar does not appear automatically
  • The contact pressure can now be switched off/on
  • Setup Assitant integrated
  • Bug fixes: eraser works correctly again

Version - 10/21/2018

  • Fixed crash when inserting an image from clipboard
  • Unhandled errors no longer cause the program to crash
  • It is now possible to reset the pens to the default values

Version - 10/17/2018

  • "Delete pages" error now finally fixed
  • Fixed bug when inserting pages between other pages
  • "Would you like to save before exiting" dialog improved
  • The current old versions are no longer available for download because they contained too critical bugs!

Version - 10/16/2018 (POSSIBLE DATA LOSS)

  • "Delete pages" error fixed (Still faulty!)
  • Fixed error message when launching a file directly
  • Problem which crashed the program when inserting an image from the clipboard is solved
  • "Would you like to save before exiting" dialog improved
  • Pen selection fixed: After inserting a picture, you first had to select Select and then select the pen again to use the pen
  • You can now also move strokes together with shapes

Version - 10/16/2018 (POSSIBLE DATA LOSS)

  • Delete pages" error fixed (Still faulty!)
  • Zoom factor is now saved and applied at startup
  • Bug fix: If you have selected the ruler, then changed the color and then selected the ruler again, it does not work
  • Toolbar improved: There are now 4 pens, each saving its settings
  • Spelling mistakes improved

Version - 10/09/2018 (POSSIBLE DATA LOSS)

Notice: This version is not available as an update for older versions due to fundamental changes. For a new version, you must install the Setup from here
  • Marked areas can now be erased (Toolbar)
  • Update system significantly improved!

Version - 10/02/2018 (POSSIBLE DATA LOSS)

  • Toolbar orangeesigned: Highlighter (size), arrangement, etc.
  • "Clear page" now works correctly
  • Text analyzer improved: opens faster (now running in background)
  • Feedback implemented

Version - 09/17/2018 (POSSIBLE DATA LOSS)

  • The zoom factor is now displayed
  • It's now easier to clear pages
  • Undo/orangeo
  • The names of the shapes are now displayed from triangle up to hexagon.

Version - 09/12/2018 (POSSIBLE DATA LOSS)

  • New color selection dialog

Version - 09/09/2018 (POSSIBLE DATA LOSS)

  • Zoom enhanced: When scrolling between pages, the zoom factor is now also taken into account
  • Die Makierung von Polygonen, also z.B. das Trapez wurde nun verbessert, sodass nun die Makierung nur noch die Mindestgröße hat, die es für das Element braucht.
  • Sicherheitsabfrage, ob man eine Seite löschen möchte

Version - 09/09/2018 (POSSIBLE DATA LOSS)

  • Pages can now be added to arbitrary locations
  • Pages can now be deleted
  • Selected areas can now be transformed into a form
  • "Show objects" fixed

Version - 09/08/2018 (POSSIBLE DATA LOSS)

  • Sidebar implemented for the objects(opens when objects are selected)
  • Icons exchanged for license-free icons
  • About upgraded: Entries are now complete and correct
  • Automatic determination of which page is the most current implemented: For example, if you scroll to page two and then insert an image, it will also be inserted there.
  • Page display implemented

Version - 09/08/2018 (POSSIBLE DATA LOSS)

  • Save and Save As fixed -> Should now work reliably
  • Errors are now displayed to the user during saving and loading (Silence is not golden!)
  • Text marker improved further
  • Stefan E. added to About
  • Smaller bugfixes

Version - 09/04/2018 (POSSIBLE DATA LOSS)

  • Highlighter improved
    • Changed default color to yellow
    • Changed size of highlighter
    • Color will be saved
  • Search improved: Marks texts in which the word occurs.
  • Text recognition
    • Line breaks improved
    • Now gives a message if no results were found
  • Toolbar revised (New icons)
  • Format "ruled" added

Version - 09/04/2018 (POSSIBLE DATA LOSS)

  • Zoom integrated
  • Search integrated: The search marks the found result on all pages

Version - 09/03/2018 (POSSIBLE DATA LOSS)

  • Improvement of text recognition
  • About improved
    • Automatic version recognition
    • Added Daniel S.
  • Changelog added

Version - 09/02/2018 (POSSIBLE DATA LOSS)

  • First release
  • Updater integrated
  • Text recognition implemented
  • Save & Save As improved