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What is SimpleJournal?

SimpleJournal is a simple program for Windows to draw and write with tablets, convertibles or even with the mouse. All pages are A4 size and there are different paper patterns: blank, squared, lined and dotted.

Is it suitable for you?

SimpleJournal is great for anyone who likes to save paper! Whether you're just taking notes, using it for school or university, and you have a convertible a convertible (i.e. a notebook with pen and/or touch input), you can get started right away. Either get the app from the store or download it from the downloads section. under Downloads.

Is a notebook with pen input necessarily required?

No, of course, writing with the mouse or touch input is also possible. However, it is best to write with a pen. However, the program can of course also be used to simply view the created documents. Basically SimpleJournal runs from Windows 7 SP1 on on every computer, if.NET 4.8 and.NET Core 6.0.1 is installed correctly.

What are the differences between the normal and the store version?

Since SimpleJournal also supports older operating systems, there is a "non-store" version, since the Store is only available from Windows 10 on. In addition to that, there is a feature in the normal version that allows you to disable the touchscreen to disable the touchscreen when starting SimpleJournal and to enable it when exiting. This is an exclusive feature of the normal version (unfortunately this is not possible in the store version). Since SimpleJournal can't distinguish between touch and finger input, this feature exists, i.e. otherwise otherwise putting your hand on the screen would be recognized as input, even though you wrote with the pen. Additionally there is the possibility to reactivate the touchscreen when SimpleJournal is not in the foreground and vice versa, so that outside the touchscreen can still be used.
The store version has the advantage that the can be updated automatically, while in the normal version only a hint comes, that a new version is available (with download link).

Can I install a new version over an old version?

Yes, this works without any problems!

How to save a journal as PDF?

Select an (alternative) PDF printer in the menu under Print and print! "Microsoft Print To PDF" does not work and is therefore not recommended!